Marketing & Sales Consultancy

The Thinking Cap provides a very flexible solution for businesses who have no sales and marketing departments. We can work with you as an extra pair of hands and join your team either on-site or remotely from our own offices.

We have twenty years of experience in sales and marketing and can bring this knowledge to you, making sure that you are not missing any opportunities because no one is there to make contact with prospective customers, or follow up with clients to check they are happy.

Maintaining strong customer relationships is key to any sized business and we can visit customers with samples, meet them to discuss briefs and then take prices back to them and follow up leads. You may choose to provide us with an email address and we can become a point of contact for sales enquiries and ensure that these are dealt with quickly. Cold-calling can also help to generate new business and we can support you with this.

By choosing The Thinking Cap you can benefit from a combined approach to sales and marketing. We can attend sales meetings and help the flow of communication between team members who are based in the field. We can help identify marketing ideas from these meetings and be an extra resource for generating case studies, LinkedIn recommendations and new content for your website.

Having a fresh pair of eyes look at your marketing activities can produce new ideas and unearth different opportunities. Our extensive experience online and offline means that we can audit your website and print and suggest ways to develop these further. We excel at being creative and have helped many businesses get started with social media, leading to some impressive results.

Marketing and sales consultancy

What our Marketing + Sales Consultancy clients say

We required someone who could bring a new perspective to my marketing challenges and Lisa has done exactly that. I originally hired Lisa for a specific piece of work, but now have her on a retainer. She has a very professional attitude and works really hard on my behalf.
Most importantly, Lisa delivers results. She is creative and is not afraid to challenge assumptions – a great quality. I’d definitely recommend her.



Jonathan Broadhurst - Director

A couple of years ago Prima found that there was a gap in the company to fulfil the increasing trend for businesses to use Social Media such as Facebook and Twitter.
We asked Lisa to manage these for us and create some email marketing campaigns as well as Customer Survey’s, analysis and cold calling from information supplied.
Lisa’s knowledge and expertise soon became apparent and she has become an integral part of the Sales and Marketing team at Prima.
Whether coming into Prima or working from her office Lisa has always been professional and enthusiastic in her approach and execution of tasks required of her.
We have always had the confidence in Lisa to act as an ambassador for our company when approaching new or existing clients.
For the limited amount of time asked of Lisa in a week she has helped Prima gain some notable Blue chip customers.
We would highly recommend Lisa as an honest, trustworthy addition to any business.

Prima Packaging

Prima Packaging

Andrew Birkenshaw – Director