MG Fleet case study


MG Fleet Solutions are Yorkshire's leading supplier of Vehicle Telematics systems, they save any company with fleets of vehicles fuel, time and money. We met MG Fleet at a Federation of Small Businesses event in Headingley when we did a seminar on Direct Mail. After that we became their trusted data and mailing partner.

Services Provided

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Client feedback

We wanted to contact just bus and coach companies for a targeted mail shot. We appointed The Thinking Cap who came in and managed all aspects of the job for us. The data was sourced and even de-duped from our current database so we didn’t waste money buying duplicate data. The print was also managed right through to the mailing itself. It was a very smooth process from data to mailing. The response was pretty good too! We need to keep in touch with our customer base but wanted to keep costs to a minimum. So we elected to send regular e-shots. The Thinking Cap took our already designed e-shots and worked closely with our PR company and embedded the text. Every month without fail the e-shots were distributed and we received detailed reports and statistics on performance.

MG Fleet

MG Fleet

Don Riley, Director