Turn your staff into effective brand ambassadors on LinkedIn

Enjoy More Sales, Better Reach, and a Recognisable Brand

Turn all customer interactions into sales opportunities.

Help your staff to effortlessly promote your brand on social media.

Increase customer engagement threefold.



Our training is bespoke, and builds on your staff’s current knowledge and the way they use LinkedIn. We’ll tailor our courses to meet your specific needs.


Master LinkedIn

Confidence concerning what to post has been cited by employees as the main problem; we’ll give your staff the skills they need to continuously and effectively promote your brand whilst conforming to company policy.


Learn by doing

Though our courses explore effective posting and promotion, we believe that the best way to learn these skills is by an actual walkthrough of the process in real-time.



We’ll be on hand after the course is complete to support your staff as they begin to engage customers and boost your business.


Course benefits

Get more from your people, and watch as sales and marketing become intrinsic to their daily routine. Joined-up voices – all on brand, and consistently shouting about your company from their respective mountain-tops. Your business will soon reach its peak.

Create social media structure and responsibility

As well as training front-facing staff, we’ll work with your HR department to create appropriate, inclusive, and encouraging social media policies and guidelines.

LinkedIn Training - Adam Oddy of Yoozoom

What others have said

The on-site LinkedIn training Lisa gave me helped me to understand how the platforms works, she was instrumental in helping me create the perfect profile and the amount of tips and prompters on what & when to post were great. Always on hand for the various questions I came across and would highly recommend to any individual, team and / or company…

Adam Oddy

Business Development Manager - Yoozoom, telecommunications evolved.

Is your company ignoring opportunities?

Every ‘touch point’ is an opportunity to build and improve customer relationships, to promote your brand, and to increase sales; are all your touch points maximised? Are you overlooking the power of your workforce in this respect?


Check your profile

Are your employee’s LinkedIn profiles appropriate and effective? We’ll make them work for you. We’ll also ensure your LinkedIn company page is optimised and engaging.


LinkedIn features

We’ll explain every aspect of LinkedIn and its incredible potential as a marketing tool for your business


Wholly bespoke training

Not only will our courses be tailored to your knowledge and abilities, we’ll also address influential factors that relate to your industry


Spotting content

As well as showing you how to create powerful content, we’ll also demonstrate how you can effectively use content produced by others


Be an influencer

Just posting content is not enough; we’ll teach you how to influence and steer your audience towards a buying decision, and how to establish authority


Keeping Active

Consistency is key. We’ll explain how you can remain active, and how to prove interesting to your contacts and followers, week in, week out

Course process

  • An audit of current practices and knowledge relating to LinkedIn.

  • Work with the business owner or HR to define relevant guidelines and create an appropriate social media policy.

  • On-site delivery of multi-tiered LinkedIn training.

  • Establish drop-in sessions for post-sales mentoring and support.

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Take a look at everything our courses offer, at no charge. See for yourself the opportunities LinkedIn could bring your business, and the boost your marketing will enjoy when everyone is singing from the same hymn sheet.

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