Leaflet Distribution

Leaflet distribution (sometimes known as ‘door-to-door’) is perfect for any sized business that aims their products and services at the consumer, as we purely deliver to households and not businesses. We use our own dedicated teams for all our Yorkshire leaflet distribution work and can manage national drops just as easily by working closely with our strategic partners that we have used for over twenty years.

It is a promotional method that’s often forgotten in the wake of online marketing, but at The Thinking Cap we don’t forget our roots, and are well aware that the offline battle is just as important as online.

Leaflet distribution works very well alongside other local promotions you might have running like a newspaper advert, outdoors banner advertisement, or an in-store promotion.

Choose from five distribution methods:

  1. SOLUS – your leaflet to your area at a time to suit yourself
  2. SHARED – your leaflet distributed with another non-conflicting leaflet to an audience either of you decide on, to a time to suit you both.
  3. RADIAL – a certain mile radius of your office address, council boundaries etc.
  4. DEMOGRAPHIC – if you know your customer profile you can just drop leaflets to households with this profile and within certain towns.
  5. NEWSHARE – if you provide the town we can give you a list of broadsheets that cover this area and a leaflet is inserted into the paper. Alternatively we can organize a leaflet insert with a glossy publication for you.

Once you have used our leaflet distribution services, we will let you know as soon as we have anything in your area to possibly share. We don’t want you to miss opportunities for cheaper distribution.

The minimum quantity for a leaflet drop is 5,000 leaflet and the rates per method alter accordingly.

The Thinking Cap doesn’t just distribute the leaflets: don’t forget we can design and print them for you too!

Leaflet distribution

What our Leaflet Distribution clients say

We first commissioned The Thinking Cap to start our social media presence for our Leeds Restaurant and Take-away business. We also trialed The Thinking Cap with the a take-away menu leaflet distribution, the response I had from a previous company was poor, however this time around I can say the menu drop was a big success. They also dropped it a lot quicker and they keep us up to date with future drops in our target area (in case we want to share the drop and also the cost). It’s taken us a while to find a company who we can trust with our leaflet drop’s.

China Red

China Red

Jon Fan, Owner

The Thinking Cap have been working for us for just over a year now, and have come up with some exciting ideas to help drive our business forward. They also provided research into a national leaflet distribution that went into a glossy magazine, designing the leaflet and managing the print and also the issue. They have become part of our team and we would highly recommend them.

Holme Farmed Venison

Holme Farmed Venison

Sharon Coventry, General Manager