Holme Farmed Venison case study


Holme Farmed Venison is a family run business has a staff of 40, a purpose-built production facility in Yorkshire. Their products are sold online to B2C and also to B2B and can be found in the best food retail outlets, gourmet pubs, restaurants and top grocery stores across the country. Having recently expanded in size and also their product range, they had a lot to talk about and need to get the word out socially.

In January 2014, Holme Farmed Venison hired us to undertake all their daily social media activity and also their monthly B2C email marketing. From the beginning planning stages, we ensured that we were on-site on a regular basis especially whilst the customer data was transferred and cleaned. We also had to gain product knowledge and view the current image library for use later on.

Our in-depth direct marketing experience meant we could assist the client with numerous other day to day marketing tasks, such as quick turn around designs for magazine adverts, design & print of promotional leaflets and also the management of any newshare inserts into specialist glossy magazines, right down to designing interactive recipe cards.

Services Provided

Social-Media DesignWebPrint EmailSMSMarketing Print (2) InteractiveSolutions LeafletDistribution

Client feedback

The Thinking Cap have been working for us for just over a year now, and has come up with some exciting ideas to help drive our business forward, such as an email marketing campaign and point of sale merchandise. She manages all of our social media platforms and has increased our following on these. She also does the design for our adverts, leaflets and manages the print of these. As well as this she has also done the research into a national leaflet drop, designing the leaflet and managing the print and issue. They have become part of our team and we would highly recommend Lisa and her team.

Holme Farmed Venison

Holme Farmed Venison

Sharon Coventry, General Manager