CAN-do Project case study

CAN-do Project

The CAN-do project was set up to help engage different sectors and overcome barriers between them, thus developing an environment for growth.
They organise events, based on our enterprise club model, which will help develop engagement between sectors. As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility we gave a dedicated amount of time a month (free of charge) to the CAN-do project to help them with marketing these events. We even helped them get noticed and open certain council doors with the aid of our interactive pdf solution!

Services Provided

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Client feedback

The Thinking Cap has been on hand to help the Can-do project for a while now, in particular we needed to showcase how engaging and sharable a council newsletter could be. The Thinking Cap came up with an interactive solution that was amazing. There was no artwork to hand as it was a dummy newsletter to purely show them the practicalities so The Thinking Cap designed something very quickly in the interactive software using local council images, news etc. The concept was great and made the meeting a great success!

Can-do Project

Can-do Project

Paul Burr, Founder