There's nothing bleak about Black Friday

There’s nothing bleak about Black Friday

Have you noticed how many holidays or significant days there is each year? Today is ‘Black Friday’, a phenomenon from America that is now steadily building notoriety over here. Certainly, over the last couple of years, the event has proved a retail smash: customers enjoying huge discounts off their new TVs, new mobile phones or Christmas gifts, and retailers seeing hordes of people through their door – with some customers even camping outside for hours before opening!

From a marketing point of view, Black Friday is a great excuse to raise your profile, increase footfall, and generate PR/media opportunities – all of which go towards increased sales and profits. But if you really look, you’ll find that every day of the year is a ‘Black Friday’ excuse to someone, somewhere. There are hordes of ‘awareness’ days that you could piggyback on.

For example, and to put you in the Christmas spirit, the 3rd of December is our national ‘Tree Dressing day’, based on customs and calendars across the world. The 19th of January is National Popcorn Day. 8 June is ‘Best Friends’ Day’. 14th August this year heralded the start of National Allotment Week.

Whilst every day on the national awareness/special days’ calendar may not fit your business, we’d wager there are many days that you could link to in some manner or other. Even if you stick to the more traditional holidays to promote yourself, you’ll still need to plan your campaign months beforehand. As to why you should always be in the forefront of your customers’ minds, read our other posts. There are too many reasons to list.

If it eases your reservations, it’s really not difficult to do. A simple email template can be permanently branded and continually rewritten, so that it’s relevant to every campaign, message, or special occasion.

A few weeks ago, we created a ‘Black Friday’ reminder for one of our clients to send to their customers, whether they were active, inactive, old or new – a ‘save the date’ eshot, just in case any recipient wasn’t aware Black Friday would soon be upon them. This simple reminder resulted in two significant orders placed well before today’s event, and both of which were completely unrelated to our client’s Black Friday deals.

From this, we could assume that the reason they gave for contacting their clients was, to a point, irrelevant – it was because they contacted them that they saw those sales. The phrase ‘out of sight, out of mind’ bears some truth. Even if a client receives your messages and they’re not ready to buy that day, if you keep in contact regularly enough, you’ll still be at the forefront of their mind when they do come to order. And eshots/email marketing is the easiest and best way to do that.

The Thinking Cap offers its own bespoke email marketing course, tailored to the current skills you have in-house – and with the intention that, once set up, you can run with it without our intervention (though we’re always available if you need us).

Statistics show that 50% of qualified leads don’t buy instantly. If you’re going to the trouble to sort, filter and initially contact these prospects, why wouldn’t you continue a dialogue until they’re ready to go ahead? It’s worth it: ‘warm’ leads can lead to 20% more sales than if you targeted people blindly, and only once.

Email marketing is not time-consuming either, but it tends to be one of those jobs that get tagged onto an employee’s main duties, as an afterthought…or it just gets forgotten about altogether. Reading this, can you see how crazy that is?!

Our training can be done around your business’ needs; it’s affordable, and the cost will soon be clawed back by the extra sales you’ll reap. Yes, we could carry out your email marketing (and all other forms of marketing) on your behalf, but if you’re to contact your customers regularly, you really need to be on top of things yourself.

Black Friday, Yellow Saturday or Blue Monday….whatever the event, be prepared, and use it as an excuse to get in touch with your clients and offer them something they won’t want to miss. Even if they don’t snap your hands off there and then, it’s only because they’re waiting for Purple Thursday….

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