Pressure therapy lycra material

Facebook at it’s best

Lovely surprise when I joined Stephen Spencer last month in Sherburn in Elmet at the Annual Pressure Therapy meeting. The room was full of ladies (Occupational Therapists) from all over the UK and 1 lady from Melbourne. I manage their Facebook closed group (in my own time) and I was given flowers and wine as a thank you!!!

Stephen, Donna and Sue from Spentex Ltd host the day and update the ladies with the new materials, lycra samples etc. that they can be using in the garments. The ladies bring some garments with them, to share, and today the table was full of lycra masterpieces.

These ladies are amazing, they never know what type of burn they are going to see next, how easy it is to treat, and the size of the patient and they constantly react and create wonderfully unique pressure garments.

The group will help them support each other as well as share patterns & ideas.

This is what I like using Facebook for!

If you know an Occupational Therapist please put them in touch with me, they would really benefit from joining the group.


Below are a few examples of the wonderful pressure garments made.

Pressure Therapy Garments
Pressure Therapy Garments



















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