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Direct Mail is not dead, (if you do it properly).

Being in the Direct Mail industry over half of my life, I’m an avid fan of what some people call ‘Junk Mail’, in fact, I’ll go all the way to saying I think it’s the unsung hero of all marketing channels.

It’s certainly not JUNK, well not anymore. Gone are the days where companies blanket mail every single contact in their database the same boring, uncreative message. It’s certainly declined in its numbers over the last 10 years but engagement is definitely on the increase as the clutter on the doormat reduces.

It’s a vital part of the marketing mix and I’d like to help companies clean their physical data, embrace a little bit of DM and see the gold mines they are sitting on.

Over the years I have seen a lot of companies who have data everywhere! Each PC will hold a variety of excel spreadsheets on its desktop, disc’s and USB’s are stuffed into managers draws and nobody knows the exact source of the data or how old it is!

So you can understand why people ignore it and can easily be over-faced by it all.

Did you know, if you hold a database of any kind (which is nearly every company) you must know the rules and regulations of the Data Protection Act? One very important rule is …

Personal data shall be accurate and, where necessary, kept up to date.

Every ‘dirty’ record used can cost your company thousands over the years and more importantly and it can cloud your judgment when planning out your marketing for the coming year.

Before I take on any client’s marketing work I like to see the database, how many records are there, are the records active customers, dormant customers, prospects who have never bought anything? Where did it come from and when was it last cleaned? Also with regards to the active buying customers, it is sensible to profile them.

From profiling a consumer database you can find out the following: –

A description of the customer that includes demographic, geographic, and psychographic characteristics, as well as buying patterns, creditworthiness etc. If you have a shop/outlet you can also map the customers around the postcodes of your stores. This way you can work out how far your customers are willing to travel… which is invaluable for any marketing and sales team.

Do you know the profile of your active customers? If not, how can you target more of the same, attract them with the right message and talk to them in the tone of voice that appeals to them etc?

If you need any sound expert advice on any data you hold, the potentials and how you can use it in your marketing in 2017 please get in touch with me at or by calling 07590 537538

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